To J.P. Kremidas, principal
      Jeff Baldwin, academic dean
      of the Greek Bible Institute
Dear Brethren,
Presumably, you received these good tidings already. It remains
my duty, though, to notify you officially of the motion that prevailed in the
fall meeting of the EEAA, 18-20.11.2004 at Erzhausen, Germany:
MOTION PREVAILED that the GrBI be accredited on level B.
The Council appreciates the considerable work that has been done
during the past four years by the GrBI leadership and staff and the resolve
to implement EEAA notations and recommendations.
Congratulations with this hard earned result! You can from now indicate on all
your public documents that the GrBI is an accredited institution. You may request the
sending to you of the EEAA certificates fo each graduate as of Nov. 2004.
With best wishes for the Christmas season and further development of the GrBI,
Adriaan Stringer,
coordinator EEAA.