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Student Satisfaction Survey 2023-24

Deadline for submission 20 February, 2024.  Completion time: 5-10 minutes.

ECTE Student Satisfaction Survey 2023-24

General information

Please note that the entries in this survey are completely anonymous.
Indicate your age
Indicate gender
Programme of study
Reason for study
Indicate the main motivation that led you to choose the study of theology.
Where did you expect to grow the most when you started your theological education?
Where have you grown the most (in reality) as a result of your theological education?

Indicate your satisfaction in the following areas

Please express your satisfaction in the categories below as to your experience in your institution.
The teaching on my course
How good are your teachers at explaining things, making your subjects interesting, stimulating you intellectually and challenging you to achieve your best?
Learning opportunities
Has your course given you opportunities to explore ideas in depth, bring information together from different topics and apply what you have learnt? In particular, are you satisfied with the theological perspectives you have been exposed to?
Assessment and feedback
Have marking criteria been clear in advance and applied with fairness? Has feedback on your work been timely and helpful?
Educational support
Has the staff in your institution been available and able to give you necessary and sufficient guidance in your course and in your study choices? Have you been supported in your growth overall?
Has your course been well organised, with an efficient timetable and good communication on any changes?
Learning resources
Have you been well supported in your study by IT resources, facilities and library resources?
Learning community
Have you felt part of a community of staff and students and had good opportunities to work with other students in your course? Was the community successful in modelling Christian values and practices?
Student voice
Have you had opportunities to provide feedback on your course and have students' opinions been valued and acted on by staff? Are students well represented in the governance of your institution?
Have you been satisfied with the preparation and suitable allocation of your placements (internships)? Were you well supervised, given opportunities to meet the intended outcomes and properly assessed at the end?
Personal contact and atmosphere
Are you satisfied with the relationships that you have experienced (with other students, teachers and staff) and with the overall atmosphere in your institution?
For any of the fields above where you have indicated a lower rating, please provide explanations and suggestions for improvement.

Final recommendation

Would you recommend your institution?
Any comments you make will be considered carefully by the European Council for Theological Education in its quality assurance and accreditation processes.
Would you like these results to be sent anonymously to your institution?
This can help your institution address specific areas of dissatisfaction

Thank you for your cooperation in this survey!