Formerly the EEAA

Pre-2019 Accreditation

In 2019, new Standards and Guidelines for ECTE Accreditation and new Criteria and Procedures were presented to the ECTE General Assembly.  These came into effect for all new ECTE accreditation activities since December 2019.  This page publishes materials relative to pre-2019 accreditation standards and procedures useful for the transition stage.

Transition stage

  • Starting from December 2019, all new accreditation will be in the post-2019 system.
  • Accreditation that is in process as of December 2019 can choose, either to continue with pre-2019 or transition to post-2019. This applies mainly to institutions in the Candidacy phase.  It is advised to opt for the post-2019 system.
  • Existing accreditation as of December 2019 can transition at any time but must to so at the end of their 5 review cycle. Hence, all 5-year reviews due after December 2019 will fall into the post-2019 system (Cyclical Reviews).
  • By 2024 at latest, all pre-2019 accreditation will be discontinued.
  • The transition will take place through a Cyclical Review (see Criteria and Procedures for ECTE accreditation). Please use the Cyclical Review Request form to request a Cyclical Review.
  • For clarity’s sake, separate Directories will be held on the ECTE website.


The ECTE Manual (pre-2019)

All accreditation that is in process and/or existing as of December 2019, must continue to refer to the ECTE Manual, 6th Edition, 2018 for all accreditation standards and procedures.

The ECTE Manual – 6th Edition, 2018 is organized in six main parts. The first defines the Identity and the Mission of the ECTE which, in addition to its historic distinctiveness as an accreditation association, is evolving in its self-understanding as a network of European theological institutions. The second part is dedicated to Membership, and describes the standards and procedures for membership in the ECTE. The third part contains vital information about ECTE Accreditation, from procedures, stages and standards and guidelines in preparing a Self Evaluation Report.  The fourth part groups together several important Appendices, the fifth part contains several Forms that will be needed in different stages and the last part contains Visitation Guidelines.

For any new accreditation (post-2019), please refer to the Standards and Guidelines and to the Criteria and Procedures for ECTE Accreditation .

Forms (pre-2019)

All accreditation that is in process and/or existing as of December 2019, must continue to use the following forms: