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Micro-credential Provider Accreditation

As of November 2023, the ECTE formally offers institutional accreditation of micro-credential providers (MCP) as a distinct accreditation activity. This activity has been externally reviewed and approved  by EQAR and falls within the scope of the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG).     Micro-credential providers accredited by ECTE will be listed in the DEQAR.

ECTE MCP accreditation should not be confused with ECTE institutional and programme accreditation.

If you are not quite sure about what micro-credentials are, here is a brief presentation video.  For a more thorough introduction, consider the ICETE Academy course The Micro-credential Revolution or the Micro-credential provider Orientation course. 


This page contains all necessary information, forms, tools and links related to ECTE accreditation of Micro-credential Providers.

Guidelines and information

  • Micro-credential Providers Standards and Guidelines. This core document includes the criteria, procedures and standards for being accredited as a Micro-Credential Provider.
  • EQA for MPC. The External Quality assurance for Micro-credential Providers Policy applies ESG 2 (External Quality Assurance – EQA), ESG 3.4 (thematic analysis), ESG 3.6 and ESG 3.5 (Resources), to ECTE’s micro-credential provider accreditation activity (MCP accreditation).  This document is to be read in conjunction with ECTE’s general internal quality assurance policy (see Part 4 of Introducing the ECTE) and other ECTE policies and guidelines.
  • Micro-credential Provider fees:  see ECTE Fees
  • MCP Directory. The  Micro-credential Provider Directory will list all providers that have been successfully accredited.  The MCP directory will be active from Winter 2023.

Application forms


Feedback and monitoring forms