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Programme Accreditation Application

To be used by institutions requesting programme accreditation. Please note that, for multiple programme application, a separate form must be completed and submitted for each programme.

Programme Accreditation Application

General information

Programme accreditation information

Does your institution have ECTE institutional accreditation?
Note: ECTE institutional accreditation is a requisite for programme accreditation. If you have not obtained institutional accreditation, please see 'Criteria and Procedures' for ECTE accreditation (
For which level of programme accreditation are you applying? *
Note: you can select only one programme from the list above because each programme accreditation application concerns one programme only. If you wish to apply or multiple programme accreditation, please complete a separate application for each programme. The ECTE Qualification Framework can be found in Appendix A of the 'Standards and Guidelines' for ECTE accreditation or at the following link
Provide the name in the language of delivery as advertised with the English translation (in brackets)
Is this programme already being delivered?
If the programme has not yet been delivered, please consult the additional Guidelines for Concept Accreditation for specific procedures.
Is the programme accredited by other agencies?
In the presence of other accreditation, dual or joint accreditation procedures may apply. See 'Guidelines for Dual and Joint Accreditation' (
Indicate the delivery mode of the programme
If distance, online or hybrid delivery modes are used, please consult 'Guidelines for Distance and Online Education' (
Curriculum and programme outcomes *

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

Please upload a curricular map of the programme and documents that describe the programme aims and outcomes. In the case of micro-credentials, indicate provisions for stacking (if any) and not the curriculum. This space can also be used to submit other documents that are useful to the application.


Following the approval of your programme accreditation application, you will need to 1) produce a Programme Self-Evaluation Report (P-SER) and 2) receive a site visit before 3) final accreditation approval. Please indicate approximate dates for each of these events (these are not final and will entail negotiation with the ECTE). See more in 'Criteria and Procedures' for ECTE accreditation (
Preference for site visit


Please indicate your level of interaction with the following documents and procedures. Visit to access these documents.
Which of the Supplemental Guidelines have you engaged with?
Please indicate the years for which you have regularly paid ECTE fees

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

E.g. bank transfer information, receipt, etc.

Accreditation of other programmes

Do you already have other programmes accredited with the ECTE? *
Will you be applying to accredit other programmes with the ECTE? *
Please also specify the approximate date in which the ECTE can expect an application for each programme.


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