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No Conflict of Interest Declaration

No Conflict of Interest Declaration and GDPR

Role in the ECTE

Role in the ECTE *
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I hereby declare that in my work for the ECTE I will act in full independence and without conflicts of interest. In particular, I will refrain from participating in the exercise of review, evaluation or decision-making regarding institution(s) or programme(s) with which I have had a formal relation within the last 5 years, whether direct or indirect. *
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(Accreditation Commission members) Should a school with which I am related come under review, I will not participate in the review, evaluation or decision-making process. Likewise, if I have been involved as a VET member in the review visit, I will abstain from the accreditation decision-making process. In reviewing Review Reports and making accreditation decisions I will be free from undue influence of stakeholders.
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(VET members) Place a tick mark to acknowledge your intentional position related to your work for the ECTE and for the institutions you will review: *
All fields must be selected to be eligible as an ECTE Council member or VET member.

Data protection and privacy

Do you commit to ECTE's Data Protection and confidentiality policy, not divulging information about ECTE institutions to third parties?
Since May 2018 the ECTE follows the regulations of the new Data Protection Law (DSGVO). All persons assigned with responsibilities and duties (paid or volunteer) are required to commit to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and confidentiality relating to any ECTE-related information. As someone who will have access to data related to ECTE schools, we kindly ask you use this form to subscribe to ECTE’s data protection policy (see

Tolerance policy

Place a tick mark to indicate your agreement with the following statements regarding intolerance prevention. The statements refer to your work with ECTE institutions, Council and staff and to your accreditation decisions or judgements.