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Cyclical Review Request

Cyclical Review Request

Previous review

Provide information on your last review/accreditation procedure and site visit
Which programme(s) were accredited in your last review (note the pre-2022 nomenclature)? *
Where possible, the ECTE seeks to maintain some continuity in at least one team member.
Please upload your last review report (s) and ECTE Council decision letter *

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

Current Cyclical Review

Provide details on your intended Cyclical Review. Some of these details (e.g. visitation dates) may need further negotiation with the ECTE.
Is this your first post-2019 review?
Note: this needs to be submitted at least 2 months before the site visit date. Submission normally occurs in the month of August in substation of the Annual Progress Report.
Hybrid site visit request
On-site Visits are the modus operandi for reviews. Some interviews may be conducted via video-conferencing upon approval by the Accreditation Director and Team leader (hybrid). Please check this box, if you are asking for such a hybrid visit
Which accredited programme(s) will you submit for your Cyclical Review? *
Please refer to the ECTE Certification Framework
Do any of the programmes listed above feature distance and online delivery modes?
This information allows the inclusion of a specialist where available on the visitation team.

New programmes

Will you be submitting any new programmes to be accredited during the Cyclical Review site visit?
If you reply yes, please provide a description of the programme and upload the proposed curriculum below. Completing this part of the Cyclical Review request form replaces the Programme Accreditation application form.
Only complete if you have indicated 'Yes' above. Provide a brief description of the level, credits, graduate profiles, delivery mode, and rationale for developing the programme.

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Please indicate your level of interaction with the following documents and procedures. Visit to access these documents.
(1=thoroughly, 2=partially, 3=not yet)
(1=thoroughly, 2=partially, 3=not yet)
(1=thoroughly, 2=partially, 3=not yet)
(1=thoroughly, 2=partially, 3=not yet)
(1=thoroughly, 2=partially, 3=not yet)
(1=thoroughly, 2=partially, 3=not yet). Complete if any of the programmes being reviewed make full or partial use of online or distance education delivery.
Please indicate the years for which you have regularly paid ECTE fees

Maximum file size: 268.44MB



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