Formerly the EEAA


Please download ECTE forms below.  All forms are either in Word format or digital forms for ease of compilation.  For digital forms it is strongly suggested that you register an account for the ECTE website here.

General Forms

Accreditation Process Forms

  • Accreditation Application  (to be used by institutions applying for institutional and/or/not programme accreditation).
  • Cyclical Review Request form (to be used by institutions requesting cyclical review)
  • Preliminary enquiry to ECTE from former EAAA institutions (to be used by former EAAA accredited institutions who have been affected by regional developments and international conflicts and may be interested in ECTE accreditation services).
  • Annual Progress Report 2023-24 (APR) form (to be used by accredited institutions for annual reporting, for indicating changes and for requesting formal advice on prospected plans. This form is also used to report student numbers for invoicing purposes and to collect data for thematic analysis.
  • Templates for Self Evaluation Reports (I-SER, P-SER, C-SER and D-SER) can be found in section 2 of the Guidelines for Producing Self-evaluation Reports.
  • DEQAR Listing form, to be used by accredited providers to request DEQAR listing and to provide the relevant information for listing.

Micro-credential Provider forms

Review Report Worksheets

  • Review Report Worksheets – 2022 (this is a Word doc to be used by VETs during institutional, programme or cyclical reviews. It includes provision for  instances of DE/OE delivery).