Formerly the EEAA

Appeals and Complaints

The Appeals and Complaints Policy lays out the ECTE policy and strategy for appeals and complaints. This takes place in the context ESG 2-3 related to implementing processes that are reliable and fair.

For third level appeals, the ECTE External Appeals/Complaints Committee (EACC) is composed of the following individuals.

  • Dr Ralph Enlow (USA, former ABHE Chair)
  • Dr Goran Janzon (Sweden, former ECTE Chair)
  • Dr Bernhard Ott (Switzerland, former ECTE Chair)
  • Mr Horst Born (Germany, former ECTE Coordinator and Board member)

For each case, one further EACC member will nominated by the complainant/appealer who is not part of the institution.

(Revised March, 2024 – ECTE Council)