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Preliminary feedback on ECTE MCP accreditation methodologies

Preliminary Feedback on MCP Methodologies

Use this survey to provide preliminary feedback concerning ECTE’s work and methodologies related accreditation of micro-credential providers following the Durres Workshop (March 2024). Entries are kept anonymous.

Please confirm your presence in the MCP Durres Workshop (March 2024)

Rate the ECTE’s work and methodologies related to micro-credential provider (MCP) accreditation

Please express your preliminary satisfaction based on the presentations in Durres areas
Indicate your overall satisfaction
Rate your overall perception of how ECTE has prepared its accreditation work for micro-credential providers
How would you rate ECTE’s communication with you so far concerning micro-credentials?
Do you feel that you are adequately involved as a stakeholder and that there is an adequate platform for your voice to be heard?
Clarity in processes
Are ECTE procedures and processes related to the accreditation of micro-credential providers clear and well explained? Do you have good access to clarification if needed?
What is your evaluation of the methodologies that were presented in Durres for accreditation of micro-credential providers?
Is ECTE documentation concerning micro-credential providers helpful, complete and accessible? In particular, rate the core document Standards and Guidelines for Micro-credential Providers
Fairness in decisions
From what you have seen in ECTE’s plans for the accreditation of micro-credential providers, are you confident that the decisions made by ECTE will be fair and well justified?
Helpfulness and enhancement
Has the ECTE been helpful in providing you with the means to envision quality and development of micro-credentialing activities?
Value for money
Are you satisfied with the appropriateness of the fees for the services and benefits that your institution might received from the ECTE in the area of micro-credentialing?
Rate the ICETE Academy course ‘Micro-Credential Provider Orientation’
Have you completed the course since the Durres workshop?
Let us know what we did well and any further details on where we can improve

Thank you for your cooperation in this survey!