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General Assemblies

The next ECTE General Assembly will be held in 28-30 November 2019 (Rome, Italy). The topic will be ‘Q: It’s what we do‘, a conversation around quality in theological education in the European Higher Education Area.

The following topics will be considered in plenaries and focus groups with particular reference to the European Standards and Guidelines for quality assurance:

  • Quality: a SWOT analysis (round table)
  • Understanding the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR)
  • Quality as student-centered education (ESG 1.3)
  • Quality in student life cycle plans (ESG 1.4)
  • Quality and internal culture and policy (ESG 1.1
  • Qualityand purposeful programme design (ESG 1.2)
  • Quality in faculty employment, training and innovation (ESG 1.5)
  • Quality as monitoring and review (ESG 1.9.and 1.10)
  • Quality in resources and support (ESG 1.6)
  •  Quality in collecting, analyzing and using data (ESG 1.7)
  • Quality and public information (ESG 1.8)

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The proceedings of previous General Assemblies are available in the Events area.