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MOCK – Micro-credential Provider Self-Evaluation Report (MCP-SER)
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A. Executive summary

Classification of the MCP-SER
Summarise areas of strength and weakness in relation to the Standards and Guidelines for Micro-credential Providers (this section should be written last and reflect Section E – Conclusions)

B. Introduction to the MCP-SER and the accreditation process

(e.g. ‘This report supports our application for accreditation by ECTE as a micro-credential provider…’)
Reference documents that have informed the MCP-SER
Please indicate more than one if applicable.
Describe the process and the people involved in producing the MPC-SER and the overall responsibilities in the MPC accreditation process
Define the terms of reference of the review, including a description of the main stages, timescale of the accreditation process and expectations for a site visit/desk based review.
Automatic/software generated translations are accepted.
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