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Micro-Credential Provider Application Form

To be used by institutions applying for ECTE accreditation as Micro-Credential Providers.

Micro-credential Provider Application

Eligibility check

Before applying, candidate providers must submit an Eligibility Check form to verify whether they are bone fide cases for MCP accreditation. The form can be found here
Have you submitted a MCP Eligibility Check form?
If you have not been authorised to apply for MCP accreditation, please do not proceed. Contact ECTE staff for further assistance.

General information

Institutional information

What is the formal status of your institution in your country?
Do you already have accreditation that is ESG compliant?
Levels of programme accreditation?
If you are not accredited, indicate N/A.
If you are not accredited, indicate N/A.

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

All documents should be in English. If you are not accredited, indicate N/A.

Micro-credential information and plans

Do you plan to design and deliver micro-credentials in collaboration with other providers/organisation?
How do you plan to deliver micro-credentials
Please indicate more than one if applicable.
If distance, online or hybrid delivery modes are used, please consult ‘Guidelines for Distance and Online Education’ (
Do you already offer accredited programmes that use these delivery modes?
If micro-credentials are being delivered in modes that have not been previously subjected to external quality assurance reviews, additional review elements may be required.
What ‘size’ of micro-credentials are you planning. Indicate in ECTS.
This is not a formal list and it can be modified at any time. The purpose in the application form is only to understand the nature of your planning for micro-credentials.
What levels of micro-credentials are you planning. Indicate in EQF/QF-EHEA levels.
What access requirements are you planning


Following the approval of your accreditation application, you will need to 1) produce an MC Self-Evaluation Report (MC-SER) and 2) receive an external review before 3) final accreditation approval. Please indicate approximate dates for each of these events (these are not final and will entail negotiation with the ECTE). See more in ‘Guidelines for Micro-credentials’ (
This is normally a desk-based review, but online interviews may be required during planned dates.


Please indicate your level of preparation.
This is available at
If you are an ECTE member/accredited institution, please indicate the years for which you have regularly paid ECTE fees

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

Criteria and core values

Providers that are not already associated with the ECTE will be asked to indicate their adherence to ECTE association criteria core values.
Your relationship with the ECTE
Our operations are based in Europe
We are involved in
Click to confirm your adherence to each of the following:
Click to confirm your adherence to each of the following ECTE core values:


You will receive a copy of your form entries at this email. Please check your spam folder.
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