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Micro-credential Certificate Template

Micro-credential Certificate Template

Information on the learner

Information on the provider

Status of the provider

Information on the micro-credential

Information on the learning experience

Information on the level

ISCED level
ICETE Qualification Comparability Framework level

Form of participation in the learning activity and delivery modes

Delivery mode

Source and authors

Source of learning materials

Access requirements

Relevance, stacking and recognition

Quality assurance

Include links to your listing in the ECTE MCP Directory and on the DEQAR.

Signature/seal of awarding provider


Thank you for using this template.  All the information for the certificate for your micro-credential is now complete. You are advised to use this information in producing the actual micro-certificates you will issue to students with you logo, graphics, etc.  Enter your email to receive a PDF copy of your work.  To produce another MC certificate, reload this form.  If you have a registered account on this form has been saved and you can edit it.
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