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This Self Evaluation Report should be used by micro-credential provider applicants as part of they review process. Please reply to each question in the form as fully as possible. Also upload links to supporting documents where required (please upload documents to a cloud storage and share only the links). Given that reviews will normally be desk-based, this MCP-SER needs to be as exhaustive as possible in order to provide the evaluation team with all the information necessary to determine compliance to the standards described in the Guidelines for Micro-credential Providers.

Given that MCP Accreditation does not necessarily require that micro-credentials are already being delivered, the evidence in the MCP-SER can take the form of envisioned examples (ex-ante). These will allow the reviewers to ensure that the provider has understood the implementation of the standards.

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Micro-credential Provider Self-Evaluation Report (MCP-SER)

Micro-credential Provider Self-Evaluation Report (MCP-SER)

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A. Executive summary

Classification of the MCP-SER
Summarise areas of strength and weakness in relation to the Standards and Guidelines for Micro-credential Providers (this section should be written last and reflect Section E - Conclusions)

B. Introduction to the MCP-SER and the accreditation process

(e.g. 'This report supports our application for accreditation by ECTE as a micro-credential provider...')
Reference documents that have informed the MCP-SER
Please indicate more than one if applicable.
Describe the process and the people involved in producing the MPC-SER and the overall responsibilities in the MPC accreditation process
Define the terms of reference of the review, including a description of the main stages, timescale of the accreditation process and expectations for a site visit/desk based review.
Automatic/software generated translations are accepted.
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