Formerly the EEAA

Israel College of the Bible

Basic Information

Name of institution in local languageIsrael College of the Bible
Legal seatNetanya, Israel
Operational seatNetanya, Israel
Type of campusMain campus
ECTE membership1998
Provider statusAlternative provider of higher education
Other arrangements 

Institutional review

Formal decisionApproved
Valid until2024
Review reportCyclical Review Report

Programme reviews

Learning opportunity levelEQF 5 (partial)EQF 5 (partial)EQF 6EQF 7EQF 7
Qualification nomenclature in local languageBikurimYear in IsraelBachelor of TheologyMA in CounsellingMA in Biblical Studies
ECTS credits6060180120120
Duration1 year1 year3 years2 years2 years
Recognised by local HE authoritiesNoNoNoNoNo
ISCED level5 partial5 partial677
ICETE level*CertificateCertificateBachelorMasterMaster
DisciplineTheologyTheologyTheologyTheology and CounsellingTheology
International arrangements/////
Programme orientation//Practice-orientedPractice-orientedPractice-oriented
Mode of deliveryResidentialResidentialResidentialResidentialResidential
Language of deliveryHebrewEnglishHebrewHebrewHebrew
Formal decisionApprovedApprovedApprovedApprovedApproved
Valid until20242024202420242024
Review reportCyclical Review ReportCyclical Review ReportCyclical Review ReportCyclical Review ReportCyclical Review Report

*ICETE Levels provide common English terms that are useful for global readability and comparability of the levels of higher education learning opportunities, but they do not indicate the status of institutions nor their ability to award formal degrees (which is determined by local authorities).

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