Formerly the EEAA


The ECTE is not-for-profit association, governed by a General Assembly and by a Board, led by a Management team and serviced by a staff team.  The following chart outlines the ECTE governance structure.


This structure was implemented in 2022 and described in Operations and Organisation 2022.

ECTE General Assembly

The European Council for Theological Education is an association governed by a General Assembly formed by all regular and associate members. Regular members have both voice and vote in the General Assembly and represent institutions of evangelical theological education operating formally at post-secondary or tertiary level.  Associate membership are non-formal, non-tertiary providers of theological education,  individuals and organizations that have vested interest in theological education.  See more information in the ECTE Statutes.

ECTE Board

The ECTE Board normally consists of nine members elected by the General Assembly which is to give due consideration to the various language areas of Europe. The document Qualifications for Board Members Policy indicates the necessary qualifications and commitments of ECTE Board members.

The Board decides on its by-laws according to which its business is conducted, and elections are held. The functions of the Board are:

  • to represent the ECTE
  • to appoint the General Secretary
  • to nominate accrediting commissions as needed
  • to provide advice to the General Secretary and the accrediting commissions,
  • to decide on the admission of new member institutions
  • to plan the ECTE general assembly and elections
  • to handle the finances of the ECTE and to elect the Treasurer.
  • the Board may appoint commissions as needed

The Board is composed by:

  • Dr. Steffen Schulte, Chairman (Germany)
  • Silke Brohl, Vice Chairman (Germany)
  • Dr. Marcel Macelaru, voting member (Romania)
  • Dr. Kulli Toniste, non-voting member (Estonia)
  • Dr. Frank Hinkelmann, voting member (Austria)
  • Dr Alexander Stavnichuk, voting member (Germany)
  • Stephanus Schäl, student voting member (Germany)

See more here on stakeholder representation in ECTE human resources.