Formerly the EEAA

Accreditation Commission

The Accreditation Commission is an independent ECTE body whose functions include:

    • Review of accreditation applications and authorisation of site visits and SER production
    • Selection and composition of VET panels
    • Reviewing applications and Review Reports
    • Making and communicating accreditation decisions
    • Accreditation follow-up processes, in particular related to requirements (by way of APR or separate documentation

More information on the AC policies and procedures can be found in the Accreditation Commission Policies and Procedures document.

The Accreditation Commission is composed by:

  • Carmen Crouse, Accreditation Director, non-voting member (Germany)
  • Rana Wazir, voting member (Lebanon)
  • Dr. Hubert Jurgensen, voting member (Germany)
  • Dr. Joachim Pomrehn, voting member (Germany)
  • Dr. Graham Cheesman, Review Secretary, non-voting member  (Ireland)
  • Grace Al Zoughbi, Review Secretary, non-voting member (Palestine)
  • Dr. Marvin Oxenham, General Secretary, non-voting member (Italy)