Formerly the EEAA

VET Development policy

The following document features the VET development strategy for 2022-2027. 2022-2027 VET Strategy

Some highlights include:

  1. Ongoing: training for new VET-members through the ICETE Academy course ECTE VET Training and occasional student representatives through the ICETE Academy course Occasional Student VETs
  2. Ongoing: the Accreditation Director will collect feedback from review panels following visits and use it to communicate to all VETs issues of good practice or of criticality.
  3. March 2023: in-person workshop for VET-members during the ECTE General Assembly (also delivered online for those unable to attend)
  4. Autumn 2023: Asynchronous VET training
  5. 2024 – two workshops via videoconferencing
  6. Spring 2025: extended VET training event in conjunction with the ECTE General Assembly

(approved November, 2020 – ECTE Council)