Formerly the EEAA

Consistency Guarantee

The ECTE values consistency and guarantees it by applying processes that are implemented consistently and that are publicly available. The ECTE’s accreditation procedures include consistent phases, including follow up with commendations, recommendations and requirements. The consistency of reviews is also guaranteed by obligatory training of peer experts in the knowledge and interpretation of ECTE criteria and by the oversight of the Review Coordinator who reviews reports for consistency.

The ECTE makes accreditation judgments on the basis of explicit, published and consistent criteria and applies these criteria consistently on the basis of both documentary and visitation evidence following reviews. The ECTE Council meets at least twice a year and considers all accreditation activities and review reports leading to accreditation decisions that are voted on by the Council members by means of simple majority. Accreditation decision are made on the basis of compliance with the published Standards and Guidelines for ECTE accreditation.

Accreditation decisions are consistently published on the ECTE website, communicated by the Quality Assurance Coordinator to institutions and can be appealed through published procedures. The lack of consistency of ECTE services can also be object of complaint or appeal.

Consistent follow up occurs through the Annual Progress Reports that are considered annually by the ECTE Council. Arising concerns or lack of compliance to requirements are followed up by the Quality Assurance Coordinator.

(approved November, 2020 – ECTE Council)