Formerly the EEAA

Goals and objectives

Mission statement

The mission of ECTE is to assist theological education in Europe to become and to be ‘fit for purpose’.

Vision statement and strategic focus

The ECTE is to be a vibrant community of theological institutions that, rooted in Scripture, in commitment to God, to His church and to His mission to the world, impacts theological education in Europe and beyond through a vision for quality assurance, training and resourcing. Because of this impact, leaders of theological institutions will consider the ECTE network to be of vital significance for them.

The ECTE will develop as an organisation which fulfils its mission by strategically focusing on quality assurance and development, resourcing and networking to build capacity in European Christian theological education.  Whereas interdisciplinary work is encouraged, the primary scope of institutions and programmes seeking the services of the ECTE is in the discipline of Christian theology.

Three main areas of work shape the strategic focus and the day-to-day operations of the agency: network, quality assurance and development. See more here: Activities, scope and daily work.

The following ECTE Strategic Plan 2022-2027 was approved by the ECTE General Assembly on 9 March 2023.