Formerly the EEAA

Core values

Each core value below completes the phrase ‘As ECTE, we propose to be…’

1. Trust builders that are committed to quality and values.

We aim at building trust between providers of theological education and between providers and stakeholders. We are committed to both European and Christian values as a shared ground of mutual trust. We implement this in our external accreditation work that fosters excellence and fitness for purpose and in our internal qualityassurance processes. Quality is defined for us in our standards, procedures, and policies.

2. Paracletic workers that come alongside others for flourishing.

We adopt an institution-centred approach to accreditation which is understood in terms of quality enhancement. We seek to carry out all our work in a spirit of love, gentleness, help, support, grace together with rigor, consistency, and clarity. We implement this in our quality assurance work, in our internal dealings with each and in our networking activities as we help providers to see each other as partners and not competitors.

3. Enterprise developers that embrace both tradition and innovation in education and Christianity.

We are committed to educational tradition and innovation and to the Christian tradition and its dynamic mission. We seek to encourage new ideas, openly engage with novelty, foster creativity and innovation, design, build and implement structures for effective and contextual theological education and participate in God’s dynamic mission. We implement this in development and research, in supporting new approaches design and delivery of theological education and devising ways to assure their quality through standards and guidelines.

4. Connection makers that network people, organisations and contexts.

We believe in the power of networking with various communities and Christian traditions and with the prioritization of healthy relationships and processes. We support cross-cultural cooperation, and we pursue relevance in an ever-changing European context. We implement this through our networking focus and in our peer-based approach to quality assurance.

These core values were approved by the ECTE General Assembly in March 2023.