Formerly the EEAA

Finances and fees

1.  Membership Fees

  • Regular membership:  350 € per year
  • Associate membership: 350 € per year

Institutions cancelling membership will be invoiced for the entire year in which the cancellation is communicated.

2.  Accreditation Fees

  • Institutional Accreditation:  650€ per academic year
  • Programme Accreditation:  150€ per programme per academic year
  • Micro-credential Provider:  950€ per year (no per-student fee)
  • Per-student fee* in accredited programmes: 50€ per FTE student per academic year.

* Per student-fee instructions

    • Per-student fees are dependent on the number of students and a High Student Number Discount (HSND) is available as follows:
      1. For the first 1-50 students (FTE or headcount): 50€ per student
      2. For the next 51-250 students (FTE or headcount) 50% discount (HSND) = €25 per student
      3. For the next students over 250 (FTE or headcount) – no charge
    • Per programme and per- student fees for accredited programmes are due for each academic year until the last student graduates. Institutions must use the Annual Progress Report to report FTE of student numbers.If institutions do not submit their student numbers with the APR after two reminders, the invoice will be based on the student numbers from the last APR plus an administrative fee of 400€.
    • Calculating student numbers. If an institution has a substantial number of part-time students they may calculate the full-time-equivalent (FTE) for them by adding all ECTS-credits earned by part-time students and dividing this total amount by 60 (=1 year of full-time studies), then submitting the figure of FTE along with the general head count.

3. Review fees

Review fees apply equally to institutional and programme reviews and reviews of micro-credential providers.

  • Onsite review visits: €2.000 plus reimbursement of VET travel expenses.
  • Online review visits: €2.500

The review fee covers VET honoraria, Review Secretary honoraria, production and publication of Review Report on the ECTE Review Directory, decision and follow up of review by Accreditation Commission and Accreditation Director, publication of the review outcome and listing of the provider on the DEQAR.

Institutions are responsible for transport to/from the nearest airport/train-station for the team members plus Room and Board during the site visit.

In complex reviews (e.g. multiple programmes, various delivery modes or extension centres) additional VET-members will be deployed adding €450 per person to the overall cost.

Institutions will be invoiced by the ECTE who will, in turn, disburse the honoraria and travel reimbursements to the VETs. No direct financial transactions will occur between institutions and the VET panel members.

4.  Orientation fees

  • Accreditation orientation fee: €800 plus reimbursement of staff travel and accommodation expenses
  • Micro-credenatial Provider orientation fee: €300

General fee policies

  1. Institutions may request a reduction in fees due to extraordinary circumstances from the Treasurer. These requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Institutions dropping ECTE accreditation are responsible to pay all fees to the end of the academic year in which this was communicated to ECTE in writing.
  3. No visits will be authorised for institutions which are one year or more behind with their payments of fees.  Institutions which have a strong case for reduction of fees due to un-usual financial constraints should appeal to council for this with supporting documentation and these will be considered on a case by case basis.  Institutions or organizations which are two years or more behind with their payments of fees will receive a formal notice, after which their membership and accreditation will be suspended.  If, after being suspended for two years, institutions have still not settled their arrear payments, their membership and accreditation will be revoked, and they will need to apply again.