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Institutional status and qualification nomenclature enquiry

As the ECTE undergoes review for inclusion in the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR), issues have been raised concerning a) the status of ECTE accredited institutions and b) the appropriate use of qualification nomenclature.

Concerning the former, there is the need to present evidence of a clear public representation and distinction of the formal status of ECTE institutions in their respective contexts and countries. In particular it is necessary to transparently distinguish higher education institutions (that offer official, nationally recognised qualifications) from alternative providers.

Concerning qualification nomenclatures, there is concern over the use of nomenclatures by alternative providers that may be misleading. In particular, the use of the terms ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Master’ (and other local terms such as licence, maîtrise, laurea,etc) are legally protected in most jurisdictions in the European Higher Education Area, and their use by alternative providers may imply a formal recognition as a higher education institution.

The ECTE is formulating responses and planning to implement some changes in light of these concerns which, if unsolved, will preclude our compliance with the standards necessary to be included in the EQAR.

This form is to be used by ECTE accredited institutions to provide transparent information on these issues.  Please complete by 28 April.

Institutional status and qualification nomenclature enquiry
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Formal status

Please indicate your formal status in your national context
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Qualification nomenclature

Select the English wording that you use in publicly describing your ECTE accredited programmes
Do you clearly and publicly state that your ECTE accredited programmes are not equivalent to a national higher education degree recognition?
Are the terms 'Bachelor' and 'Master' legally protected in your country? Can they only be used by higher education institutions?
Have you sought legal advice in in the last 5 years on the issue on adequate nomenclatures for your programmes?