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ICETE Consulting

ICETE Consulting is a service of The International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE) and its Regional Member Associations.  We recruit and train experienced theological education leaders in consulting skills and help match them with schools needing consulting services. In addition, we collaborate with our ICETE regional members to provide in-person training experiences to assist with school, program, and faculty development needs.

Requesting consulting services

If your school could use consulting help on some particular issues, please contact your ICETE Regional Member Association or the ICETE Consulting staff listed below to begin a conversation about your needs so together we can determine how best to assist you. We have created a short introductory overview to our consulting services that you can see in the ICETE Academy course Introducing ICETE Consulting. When you are ready you can submit a request and together we’ll do our best to help you identify consultants to address your needs. (please use the Form for Requesting ICETE Consulting Services on the ICETE website.)

Submitting a Consulting Service Request Form

A Form for Requesting ICETE Consulting Services is available through the ICETE website. Fill out the form as thoroughly as you can to help us understand the nature of your needs. Submit this form according to the instructions given. Once the form is received, we will connect and talk with you further so we can identify a few potential consultants to recommend.

Engaging a Consultant

Once a few possible consultants are identified and shared with your school leadership, you select one to contact to discuss the nature of the consulting need, whether that person can help, and if so, determine how to work together to address it. This allows you both to consider the nature of the consulting, how to carry it out, and some estimation of the time it will take to complete. We strongly encourage that consulting begins with one or more online video conversations. As the work progresses, you can then determine whether or not there is a need for an on-site visit. Please confirm with the Director of ICETE Consulting about who has been engaged as a consultant so we can monitor progress over time.

Financial Aspects of the Consultation

If the decision is made to have on-site visits by the consultant, schools are expected to cover expenses the consultant incurs (air travel, ground travel, housing, meals). However, if a school has financial need, it can apply to ICETE for assistance toward the cost of the consultants’ air travel.  Contact the Director for how to apply. Regarding the possibility and nature of any honorarium or stipend for the consultant’s service, we encourage schools to follow local customary practices.

Exploring equipping services

ICETE also desires to work with school leaders and Regional Member Associations to help with equipping and in-person training needs that can best be addressed through collaborative efforts. This is particularly the case when some resources from outside the region would help in addressing the training needs.

One current example of this is the doctoral research supervisor training seminars that ICETE’s Doctoral Initiative Steering Committee (DISC), with support from the Langham Partnership, offers to doctoral faculty in different regions of the world. We encourage school leaders who see the need for school, program, or faculty development to talk with us about how best to address these needs. Where there is potential for broader collaboration and benefit, we will contact the relevant Regional Member Association leaders to explore options that could involve other schools as well.

ICETE Consulting Staff Contacts