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ECTE Stakeholder Survey 2023

ECTE Stakeholder Survey 2023

Your history with the ECTE

Please note that the entries in this survey are completely anonymous.

Rate the ECTE's work and methodologies

Please express your satisfaction related to the following areas
Indicate your overall satisfaction
How would you rate your overall experience of the ECTE's work in quality assurance?
How would you rate your communication with the ECTE Office, the Council and the visitation teams (VETs)?
Involvement in governance
Do you feel that you are adequately involved and represented in the ECTE governance and that there is an adequate platform for your voice to be heard as stakeholder?
Clarity in processes
Are ECTE procedures and processes clear and well explained? Do you have good access to clarification if needed?
What is your experience of the methodologies for accreditation that are used by the ECTE?
Is ECTE documentation helpful, complete and accessible?
Fairness in decisions
Are accreditation decisions made by ECTE fair and well justified?
Helpfulness and enhancement
Has the ECTE been helpful in enhancing the quality and development of your institutions and programmes?
Value for money
Are you satisfied with the appropriateness of the fees for the services and benefits that your institution receives from the ECTE?
Rate the ECTE Appeals process (
Rate the ECTE Complaints process (
Have you used the ECTE Appeals or Complaints processes?
Let us know what we did well and any further details on where we can improve

Thank you for your cooperation in this survey!