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Visitation Feedback Summary

To be used the Review Secretary to summarise Feedback Summaries, in preparation for an evaluation and development meeting with VET panel members following site visits.

Visitation Feedback Summary

General information

Provide general information on the site visit
Visitation Category
Mode of visit
(See Guidelines for Site Visits: 1.6)
For Programme Accreditation and Cyclical Review indicate the programmes under review

Composition of VET panel

Write the names of the VET panel members. To be completed by both HOSTING INSTITUTION and VET PANEL members.

Evaluation and development

Under the 'General Evaluation' label, did the average satisfaction level of the institution match the satisfaction of the VET panel?
Please indicate areas of clear discrepancy.
Is there a need to follow up areas of low satisfaction with the institution or with the VETs?
Please indicate areas of clear discrepancy.
Indicate the starting date