Thematic analysis

In compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG 3.4), the ECTE has begun (since 2020) to systematically use outputs from accreditation and quality assurance activities for analysis to infer developmental and enhancement needs in the sector.

Thematic analysis is conducted by ECTE staff and by outsourcing  e.g. involving research students).  The Thematic Analysis Project Application Form is be used for those that have been invited to undertake thematic analysis on behalf of the ECTE.  All projects will need be approved by the ECTE Council and remuneration will be considered.

Current projects:

  • A thematic analysis of the participation of women in theological education. This project identifies trends in the participation of women in postgraduate studies and as faculty members in theological schools, with a particular focus on schools in the MENA region. Researcher: Grace AlZoughbi

  • Analysing the vision and mission of theological schools in Europe 2010-2020.  This project that expands the intelligence in the sector, and is undertaken in collaboration with the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education.   Researcher: TBA