Formerly the EEAA


The ECTE seeks to serve theological education in Europe and beyond through publication, the creation and maintenance of key resources, organisation of events and facililtating the training of those involved in the delivery of theological education.  The ECTE seeks to understand the present and future movements in evangelical theological education, in order to maintain relevance in delivering its services and to take part in developing a contemporary vision for theological education in Europe and beyond. This is done through international collaboration where appropriate.

Development through research and training is one of the three strategic activities of the European Council for Theological Education. Measures are in place to ensure independence between ECTE’s development and quality assurance activities.

For a general introduction to ECTE’s development activities see Introducing the ECTE. Visit the following sections of the ECTE website to learn more about ECTE development activities:

 ECTE development activities do not fall within the scope of the European Standards and Guidelines.