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DEQAR listing request and information

All providers accredited by the ECTE may be listed on the Database of External Quality Assurance Reports (DEQAR). The DEQAR is maintained by the (EQAR) and enhances access to quality assurance reports and decisions on higher education providers and/or their educational programmes.  

This form is to be used to request DEQAR listing and to provide the relevant information for listing.

DEQAR listing

Request for DEQAR listing

(name of provider)
hereby requests listing in the DEQAR for
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Indicate the last day of your review (providers that already a forthcoming review scheduled may enter the agreed date of the review). Providers that have not been reviewed since December 2022 and have not yet scheduled a cyclical review can leave this field blank.

Provider information

If you have seats in multiple countries, add further fields
E.g. Dates in which there has been a name change, merger, etc.
Indicate the levels at which you as a provider have accreditation (include all that apply)
Indicate what type of provider you are

Provider Identifier

Is your institution already listed in the DEQAR?
e.g. DEQARINST0034
Is your institution listed in the European Tertiary Education Register (ETER)?
If you are a recognised higher education institution in Europe you should be registered with ETER (
e.g. BG0001
Select one of the following possible national identifier resources (to confirm your legal 'existence' and identity)
Are you part of another provider that is already recorded in DEQAR?
e.g. DEQARINST0034


Name of the person completing this form
Name of the person completing this form
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Thank you.

Thank you for completing this form. The data will be used to populate the relevant fields in your DEQAR listing. Once your listing is live, you will be notified and receive a link.

Please publish the link your DEQAR listing prominently on your website, to enhance the transparency of your institution and programmes.