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Micro-credential Provider accreditation applications open

With the EQAR approval of ECTE to conduct institutional accreditation of micro-credential providers, the ECTE is launching a new service.

In addition to institutional and programme accreditation, ECTE can now formally accredit micro-credential providers (MCP) who will be listed on the DEQAR (note that the DEQAR is due for a major update in January 2024 to include listing of micro-credentials and alternative providers).

Be among the first to apply for accreditation as a micro-credential provider by submitting an Eligibility Check form.

If you are planning to pursue accreditation as a micro-credential provider, it is highly recommended that you attend the ECTE workshop on micro-credentials from 8-10 March 2024 in Albania.    The programme will include informational presentations, procedural initiation, workshops on producing a MCP-SER, brainstorming and exploration of potential micro-credentials and individual guidance.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting door of opportunity, consider taking the 2-hour ICETE Academy course: The Micro-credential Revolution. You can get a preview of the course through the video below (multi-language subtitles are available).