Formerly the EEAA

Donations to Ukraine

Our fellow theological educators in the Ukraine are heavily involved in relief work, providing for the primary needs of the population during the winter months.

In November, a small donation campaign was initiated through the ECTE network to purchase some primary goods.  The following were collected and are now being distributed in Ukraine.

  • Solar hand crank camping lantern CL1000: 3
  • Candles hofer GastLight: 14 packs x 20
  • Multifunctional Working Lamp 1XCOB: 10
  • Powerbank OnlyNew 27000mAh: 21
  • PowerbankHX200Q6 36800mAh: 2
  • Duronic Hurricane Shine-Mart LTD Lamp: 22
  • Baby hooded: 3
  • Blanket Ektos (168 x 229 cm, 2.3 kg): 6
  • Wool Blanket Arcturus: 3
  • Angora Wool Socks: 24
  • Eono Beanie Hat Fleece Inner Black: 22
  • Heaters Heisluftgenerator M0G100 Silver Masko: 4
  • KESSER® Gas Heater Ceramic 4200 Watt Including Gas: 3
  • Cards- 1 pack from children in Seattle

Here are some pictures:


If you wish to be involved in future donation campaigns, please contact office(at)