Formerly the EEAA

We stand with Ukraine

The ECTE stands with Ukraine and with providers of theological education in Ukraine as their country is being unjustly and violently attacked by the Russian Federation.  The ECTE adheres to both the ICETE Statement on Ukraine and to the statement of the EQAR on Ukraine.

As a result of condemning the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine and Belarus’ role in the war as fundamental violation of European values, principles and goals and of Christian ethics, the ECTE will not consider membership or engage in quality assurance procedures or other work with providers from the Russian Federation and Belarus unless it can be assured that such cooperation is based on shared values.

Existing and/or new ECTE members in the former E-AAA region are asked to confirm that, in relation to the Russian Federation’s war on Ukraine, they adhere to the shared European and Christian values as expressed in this statement.