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GNECsis – a fully web-based student information system

We are pleased to share the following offer concerning a Student Information System from the Church of the Nazarene – Global Ministry Center.

GNECsis is a fully web-based student information system. It is an integrated academic software system providing functionality in: Admissions, Academic Records, Student Accounts, Financial Aid, Development and other areas. This administrative system is designed especially to be effective in theological schools, seminaries, and non-traditional programs around the world. GNECsis (also known as OpenCUAS) is based on the original Zencas system from Eastern Nazarene College and maintained by Global Education and Clergy Development of the Church of the Nazarene and backed by The QuinSoft corporation. It is in production use in many schools in nine countries.  See 

It was created to be flexible and available to institutions that may not have a full IT staff. It runs on open source software to avoid expensive licensing fees. Many of our participating schools have limited resources and limited IT staff. Some used paper records, Excel Files, or systems that they couldn’t afford before moving to GNECsis. One of the goals of the software was to provide a reasonably priced alternative to especially smaller institutions and one that is not too overly complex for them to use.

GNECsis is built for a global institution. It supports multiple sites, multiple delivery modes (online, in-person, hybrid) and is multilingual, currently supporting 10 languages. Data migration is available from many common systems. It can be personalized with the colors and logo of your school and flexible to work with your school’s processes. It has permission-based security, a library of pre-configured reports, supports several governmental reporting system (like HESA in the UK) and the ability to make custom queries. These are just a few of the many features that are available available.

If anyone is in interested in discussing this further they can contact Mr. Jeff Beam at