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EQAR review visit completed – waiting for the report

In the week 14-17 June the ECTE underwent an (online) review visit by ASIIN for inclusion into the EQAR.

The ASIIN-coordinated review panel interviewed a total of 34 ECTE stakeholders, including Council members, staff, VET-members, school representatives, employer representatives and students coming from Egypt, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Scotland, Serbia, Greece, Italy and France…. a truly tremendous group of people.

The exit interview on 17 June (screenshot attached) gave an indication of the panel’s evaluation, but we are still waiting for the written draft report. Once we have this report, we can respond (mainly on factual issues) and then the report will formally be submitted to the EQAR Council in November for a final judgment on the ECTE’s compliance to the ESG (and hence our listing in the EQAR).

The initial feedback from the review panel included commendations for a number of policies and practices (with special mention for our passion in helping schools improve), and some areas of further work. The latter concerned areas that we are generally aware of and are already addressing, as well as new challenges to increase our potential for further development.

At this point we cannot be more specific, but once we have the final report we will provide a new update.

Warmest greetings from the entire ECTE staff and Council.

Carmen Crouse

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