Formerly the EEAA

Thematic Analysis on the Development of Teaching Staff

In 2020 the ECTE has undertaken a thematic analysis of review reports to gain insights into trends in ECTE institutions with regards the promotion of the professional development of teaching staff and encouraging scholarly activity.  In total 30 review reports were considered from 17 countries over a period of 5 years.

The results of the analysis indicate that 88.25% of ECTE institutions are either fully or partially compliant with the standard that requires faculty development and research plans and their implementation.  This means that faculty members working in institutions that are accredited by the ECTE are generally receiving opportunities for professional development in their field and profession and are receiving space to conduct research in their areas of theological specialism. The ECTE has implemented action points to further improve this data and assist all institutions to move toward full compliance.

This data is shared here with the general public to enhance trust in the quality of the instruction in ECTE accredited institutions.

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