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Sponsored ICETE Academy accounts

As part of its commitment to quality enhancement and ongoing development, the ECTE is pleased to announce that it has purchased an ICETE Academy organisational plan providing staff and faculty in all ECTE member schools with Sponsored accounts (free access to all courses in 2020).

The ICETE Academy is a global partnership providing bite sized, online courses in education that are specifically designed for theological educators. Each course, normally entails no more than 10 hours of learning on specific competences.  Over 40 courses on topics ranging from teaching and learning, design and delivery, spiritual formation and character education, innovation or educational leadership, are already available and the selection is in continual expansion.

Follow these instructions to benefit from the Sponsored account:

  • Proceed to Register an Account;
  • When the registration form asks about the Payment plan, please indicate ‘I am sponsored by my organisation’.  Then enter ECTE;
  • Once your account has been approved (it can take a day or so), you can self-enrol in all the available courses through the Enrolment Keys that are provided.

We recommend that you start with the course Theological Education: Start Here, which provides the lay of the land in terms of how educational categories relate to theological education and provides guidance in the selection of future courses.

For any problems or questions, please write to director(at)

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