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General Assembly 2017 – topic poll

EEAA_Council_Minutes_Spring_2016_130416Dear EEAA colleagues,

As we prepare for the next EEAA General Assembly to take place 26-28 October 2017 (venue still to be determined), we would like to survey interest around potential topics.  We consider our General Assembly a key training event for all of us, and wish to make it as profitable and relevant as possible.   The EEAA Council has brainstormed around the following possible themes and would like to poll you on your preference.

  • Character Education / Spiritual Formation.  This topic engages theologically, educational and practically with the formation of character (linked to spiritual formation) as a key dimension of theological education which easily falls by extra-curricular wayside.
  • Online Theological Education.  With a number of schools moving into online delivery modes, this topic engages with some of the theoretical and theological debates around online education as well as provide practical workshops and tools.
  • Faith, Despite Theological Education.  It is not unheard of to point a finger at formal theological education as an factor that dampens faith and removes the fires of zeal from young Christians. This topic engages an analysis of this statement, and reflects theologically on how to address it.
  • The Generation Gaps.  Those teaching and leading theological education come from a generation that is different from that of their students. This has always been the case, but what is the shape, significance and challenge of the generation gaps in theological education in our particular historical and cultural situation?

Click on the topic of preference and also feel free to indicate other possible themes (either in the poll or in the Comment box below this post).

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