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Positive VLUHR review for ETF Leuven

Last week ETF Leuven received a very positive report from the visitation commission of the Council for Flemish Universities and Colleges of Higher Education (VLUHR). The theological programs have been rated as ‘good’ for all quality guarantees, which means that they have systematically surpassed basic quality. This puts ETF among the top university theological programs in Flanders and the Netherlands. This positive report is the result of the effort of many staff, students and graduates. But above all, we should be thankful to our God that He has made all this possible. We receive this good outcome through His grace and want to give Him all the glory.

The summer has been busy at ETF. We had a wonderful Summer Colloquium taught by Prof. Dr. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen (Helsinki, Finland and Fuller USA) and Prof. Dr. Nico den Bok (ETF). The students enjoyed the week of intensive studies, fellowship, personal development and the visit to the EU headquarters. In the evaluations the students and professors indicated that it was an intensive and very positive learning experience which will be beneficial for their ministries. We also had our 28th Doctoral Colloquium where all our professors (30) and PhD students (55) were together. Two students defended their dissertation. One of them, Jelle Creemers, did research on the dialogue between the Pentecostal and the Roman Catholic Church. For an impression of his project you can read an article here.

In September we had a conference at ETF on Christian Leadership Development in Eastern and Central Europe (pictures attached). Together with the leadership of schools in Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria we are working on projects to strengthen Christian Leadership Development for church and society. The last week of September we had the opening of the academic year. Currently there are 228 students enrolled in the programs.

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