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Critical news from UETS – Kiev

Dear brothers and sisters, friends and partners,

In view of the critical situation which is taking place in Ukraine, we ask you to pray for us daily. More than million people filled the streets of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, to stand for their rights and freedom after the president Viktor Yanukovich refused to sign an agreement with the EU on Ukraine’s associate European membership.

Brutal beating of peaceful protestors by Berkut, a specially equipped unit of the Ukrainian police force, which happened suddenly at 4 in the morning when many protesting students were still sleeping, raised the wave of nation-wide protest. Opposition insists on the Government’s resignation. 

The seminary students, as well as UETS’ staff and many other Christians in the city help those who are cold on the streets, by offering tea, food and prayer support. In the difficult circumstances which took place in the country recently, we ask you to increase your prayers for Ukraine, for its people, for the government and for military forces. Please, pray for peace. May the Lord keep people away from violence, and give wisdom to the politicians to find the best way to protect our people to build right and righteous society.

UETS Staff

2 December 2013, Kyiv, Ukraine

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