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Tyndale-Giessen collaboration with church planting emphasis

Tyndale Theological Seminary and Freie Theologische Hogeschool Gießen have been working collaboratively these past few years. Tyndale has appreciated the church planting emphasis that Dr. Stephen Beck offers. He spoke at Tyndale’s chapel for a special week devoted to church planting in the spring semester of 2012. The following January 2013, Tyndale sent 10 students for a church planting class at Freie Theologische Hogeschool Gießen. In the fall of 2013, Tyndale received the first student from Gießen for a full semester. Tyndale is recognized by Gießen as a place where students can spend their required one semester abroad for the completion of their German accredited master degree. Click here to read two testimonials.

Tyndale Theological Seminary is also pleased to share its Winter Brochure 2014 and First Team Newsletter November 2013.


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