Visitation Evaluation Teams

The ECTE’s Visitation Evaluation Teams (VET) conduct on-site reviews of institutions and programmes that are seeking ECTE accreditation. VET members include educationalists, academics, stakeholders and students. Each VET has a team leader that coordinates the visit and the production of the report. At the end of each on-site visit, VETs produce an ECTE School Review Form that is submitted to the ECTE Council for accreditation decisions.

ECTE Visitation Evaluation Teams operate independently from the ECTE Council. The ECTE Council is responsible for all final accreditation decisions based on the VET report. Please see the ECTE Manual for a full description of visitation procedures.

The following experts currently serve as ECTE Visitation Evaluation Teams:

  • Joachim Pomrehn (Germany)
  • Hubert Jurgensen (France)
  • Karen Fulton (UK)
  • Marcel Macelaru (Romania)
  • Paul Kleiner (Switzerland)
  • Peter Penner (Austria)
  • Hans Georg Wuench (Germany)
  • Lydia Jaeger (France)
  • Adrian Smith (UK)
  • Carmen Crouse (Germany)
  • Katharina Penner (Austria)
  • Bernhard Ott (Switzerland)
  • Göran Janzon (Sweden)
  • Andronoviene Lina (UK)
  • Bjørn Fjeld (Norway)
  • Corneliu Constantineanu (Romania)
  • Rana Wazir (Lebanon)
  • Perry Shaw (Lebanon)
  • Paul Sanders (France)
  • Caleb Hutcherson (Lebanon)
  • Horst Born (Germany)
  • Volker Kessler (Germany)
  • Erez Soref (Israel)
  • Parush Parushev (Bulgaria)
  • Student VET members are recruited on a visit-by-visit basis