Supplemental Guidelines

In 2019 the Council of the ECTE decided to discontinue the production of the ECTE Manual and to replace it with a series of documents corresponding to specific topics.  The entire collection of these documents related to quality assurance standards, guidelines and procedures related to ECTE membership and evaluation services can be found at

The main procedural guidelines are found in the document Criteria and Procedures for ECTE Accreditation. The official accreditation standards are instead found in the document Standards and Guidelines for ECTE Accreditation.

There are, however, various specific issues related to accreditation that need specific guidelines. This section features supplemental guidelines that schools should refer to in their accreditation processes.

These Supplemental Guidelines for QA were produced and approved by the ECTE Council in 2020, and are valid for all ECTE accreditation post-December 2019. These guidelines are to be read conjunction with the Standards and Guidelines and the Criteria and Procedures for ECTE Accreditation.