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Cyclical Review Request

Cyclical Review Request

Previous review

Provide information on your last review/accreditation procedure and site visit
Which programme(s) were accredited in your last review? *
Where possible, the ECTE seeks to maintain some continuity in at least one team member.
Please upload your last review report (s) and ECTE Council decision letter *
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Current Cyclical Review

Provide details on your intended Cyclical Review. Some of these details (e.g. visitation dates) may need further negotiation with the ECTE.
Is this your first post-2019 review?
Note: this needs to be submitted at least 2 months before the site visit date. Submission normally occurs in the month of August in substation of the Annual Progress Report.
Which programme(s) will you submit for your Cyclical Review? *
Please only select existing programmes that have already been accredited. Also note the change of nomenclature in the new ECTE Certification Framework with the research/practice-oriented distinction (see Guidelines in Distinguishing Research and Practice Oriented Programmes).
Do any of the programmes listed above feature distance and online delivery modes?
This information allows the inclusion of a specialist where available on the visitation team.
Visitation mode


Please indicate your level of interaction with the following documents and procedures. Visit to access these documents.
(1=thoroughly, 2=partially, 3=not yet)
(1=thoroughly, 2=partially, 3=not yet)
(1=thoroughly, 2=partially, 3=not yet)
(1=thoroughly, 2=partially, 3=not yet)
(1=thoroughly, 2=partially, 3=not yet)