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Annual Progress Report 2020-21

This Annual Progress Report is to be used by ECTE accredited institutions for annual reporting, for indicating changes and for requesting formal advice from the Accreditation Commission on prospected plans. This form is also used to report student numbers for invoicing purposes.

The form below is to be used for reporting of 2020-2021 and is due by 30 June, 2021.

Annual Progress Report (2020-21)

1. Accreditation summary

Indicate your accreditation status *
If you run programmes accredited under the old certification framework before 2019, please specify 'pre-2019'. These programmes will be upgraded to the new certification framework at your next Cyclical Review. Institutions that only have institutional accreditation, leave this section blank.

2. Invoicing information

If you have accredited programmes that are not running or that have had no intake, please also include them. Also include candidate programmes if applicable. Institutions that only have institutional accreditation, write 0.
If you have a substantial number of part-time students you may calculate the full-time-equivalent (FTE) for them by adding all ECTS-credits earned by part-time students and dividing this total amount by 60 (=1 year of full-time studies), then submitting the figure of FTE along with your head count.

3. Reporting

Please complete the three reporting sections below. Schools with more than one accredited programme/cycle of study must ensure that the information regarding the different programmes is distinguished in the reporting. Schools that have received an accreditation or review visit during the academic year prior to the August deadline are exempt from this section.
Please provide a narrative report addressing major changes since the previous report or on-site visit.
If your latest Review Report contained requirements that you have not yet responded to, your accreditation will be held as 'under review'. If you have not already done so in direct correspondence with the ECTE office, please provide a narrative report of actions taken in response to requirements in your last Review Report (this form was produced by the Visitation Evaluation Team during your most recent on-site visit and can be found here Your response will be brought to the ECTE Council for action. Please also attach any documentation below.
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB
Please attach documentation pertaining to meeting accreditation requirements (see 3.2 above). Leave this empty if you have no requirements to respond to or no additional documentation to submit.
Please provide a narrative report of actions taken in response to recommendations in your last Review Report (this form was produced by the Visitation Evaluation Team during your most recent on-site visit and can be found here
Should you be planning or discussing major changes in your accredited programmes or the addition of new programmes or delivery modes, please write a narrative describing these plans. All significant institutional changes are to be reported to the ECTE within one month and major programme reforms are to be discussed with the QA Coordinator (QAC) before implementation.

4. 2021 Addendum (1)

Every year, the APR features one special area of additional focus, usually corresponding with the thematic analysis that have been carried out during the year. In 2020 the ECTE conducted thematic analysis of institutional plans for the promotion of professional development of teaching staff and encouragement of scholarly activity. As nearly 50% of ECTE institutions offering undergraduate programmes resulted only partially compliant, the ECTE Council has implemented this Addendum to the regular Annual Progress Report. The purpose of this Addendum is to allow you to report specifically on your faculty development plans. First indicate what approximate percentage of your teaching staff have engaged in any of the following activities in the past year or that have plans to do so in the next year. Then upload an updated development plan for your teaching staff.
Teaching Staff Development Plan *
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB
Upload a detailed and updated development plan for your teaching staff. The results of this addendum will be analyzed during the Autumn 2021 Council meeting and the Quality Assurance Coordinator (QAC) will contact you should you still be deemed to be partially compliant and request action. Should your response remain unsatisfactory, an annotation will be made for more detailed examination of this standard during your next cyclical review with the possibility of a requirement.

2021 Addendum (2)

Thematic analysis was also conducted on gender distribution among the faculty and you will also be asked to respond briefly on your strategies.
Briefly describe the strategies of your institution for ‘being sensitive in issues of gender’ on faculty (see Standards and Guidelines A.3.1).

2021 Addendum (3)

The ECTE is building specific mailing lists to be shared in our network. Please provide the name and email of you librarians and student representative.

5. Signature

GDPR Consent
According to Art. 6/1 DSGVO we need your permission to collect, save and use the data provided by you on the member application form and on the Annual Progress Reports (i.e. such as name and address of the theological institution, contact person, email). We only collect, save and use the data to fulfil the purposes of the ECTE found in our statutes (s. our website: These include, for example: inform you about the work of ECTE, invite you to the General Assembly, ask your opinion, invoice you, contact you regarding visitations. The data is used by the employees and council members of the ECTE. We do not pass it on to third parties. As permitted by law, you have the right to be provided at any time with information free of charge about any of your personal data that is stored as well as its origin, the recipient and the purpose for which it has been processed. You also have the right to have this data corrected, blocked or deleted. You can contact us at any time using the above address if you have further questions on the topic of personal data. We kindly ask you to give us your permission to use your personal data as described above.