Ongoing educational training is an important aspect of the work of the ECTE.  Most theological educators have high level theological training but this is often not matched by educational training. The prescribed educational career path for most theological educators tends to remain in the field of theology, and most faculty members, deans and principals in theological schools have little or no professional educational training. Even where they have had such training, it is usually done in a secular institution where there has not been the opportunity to critically engage theologically with educational theories and practices.

The result is an impoverished educational engagement, an reduced ability to respond to change and an uncritical acceptance of both traditional and innovative educational practices. The opportunity and need for training is universally recognised.

The ECTE provides education training for its member schools in a variety of ways:

  1. ECTE training events.  The main training events are the bi-annual General Assemblies that normally deal with an important educational topic that relates to theological education.  Materials from past General Assemblies are available in the ECTE events page.
  2. The ICETE Academy.  The ICETE Academy is a partnership service offered by the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education the brings short, certified courses to theological educators globally. The ECTE is proud to be the founding agency of the ICETE Academy.  Visit the ICETE Academy page now.
  3. Recommending educational providers.  The ECTE is excited to recommend a number of providers that are offering top quality educational products specifically for theological educators.  These range from full degrees and doctoral programmes to short courses.  See the list on the Educational providers page.
  4. Helping create and find resources.  There are many resources on the internet that are greatly beneficial and the ECTE seeks to provide updated lists of these resources on the Resources page.