Formerly the EEAA


The ECTE seeks to be a major voice of evangelical theological education in Europe connecting evangelical colleges and seminaries with each other and with theological institutions that have state accreditation or university validation to effectively serve one another by connecting their strategic resources in a common educational enterprise. The ECTE network also seeks to reinforce connections with the wider international world of theological education (in particular through the ICETE), with the broader church community, with non-tertiary providers of theological training and with the European academic higher education and vocational education context.

Networking through membership is one of the three strategic activities of the European Council for Theological Education. Measures are in place to ensure independence between ECTE’s networking and quality assurance activities (see Independence, Conflict of Interest and Intolerance Prevention Policy).

For a general introduction to ECTE’s networking activities see section 2.1.1 of Introducing the ECTE. Visit the following sections of the ECTE website to learn more about ECTE networking activities:

    • ECTE Membership (an introduction to the benefits of membership, together with the  required criteria and procedures).  See also Introducing the ECTE.
    • Directory of Regular members and Associate members (an updated listing of ECTE members)
    • The International Council for Evangelical Theological Education – ICETE (connecting with the global network of peer QA agencies for evangelical theological education)
    • The European Network for Quality Assurance – ENQA (connecting with QA in the EHEA)
    • The International Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education – INQAAHE (connecting with the global QA community for higher education)

 ECTE networking activities do not fall within the scope of the European Standards and Guidelines.