Formerly the EEAA


The following staff represent the human resources that carry out the ECTE’s work.  More details on the duties of each position matching ECTE’s internal QA objectives and the European Standards and Guidelines can be consulted in the Staff Policy document.

  • General Secretary: Marvin Oxenham (Italy). The General Secretary is the chief executive officer of the ECTE, who conducts the business of the ECTE, coordinates to work of the agency and is available to advise institutions on matters of accreditation.  Dr Oxenham operates out Italy.
  • Accreditation Director:  Carmen Crouse (Germany). The Accreditation Director leads and manages the work of the Accreditation Commission, ensuring the implementation of the ECTE’s accreditation processes. Mrs Crouse operates out of Germany.
  • Review Secretary:  Graham Cheesman (Ireland). The Review Secretary oversees site visits and the production of Review Reports.
  • Review Secretary Assistant:   Grace AlZoughbi (Palestine). The Review Secretary Assistant, works with the Review Secretary in overseeing site visits and producing Review Reports.
  • Treasurer: Silke Brohl (Germany).  The Treasurer is responsible for book-keeping and invoicing.