Formerly the EEAA

Governance, Council and Staff

The ECTE is an agency that has demonstrated over time to have adequate and appropriate human resources to carry out its work. The ECTE Council and VET teams normally operate on a volunteer basis and select staff positions are remunerated.  Remunerated positions normally include the General Secretary and other positions as necessary.


This section of the Manual describes the governance of the ECTE and is meant to be reference manual to the Association’s legal status.

ECTE Members.  The European Council for Theological Education is formed by member institutions of theological educational institutions that generally endorse the statement of faith and theological orientation of their relevant evangelical stakeholders and communities and are interested in ECTE services and fellowship. Application for membership in the association is to be made to the Coordinator. The Accrediting Council votes on applications. Members pay an annual membership fee as it is determined by the ECTE General Assembly.

ECTE General Assembly. The ECTE General Assembly is convened every two years. The ECTE Accrediting Council sends out the invitations and sets the agenda. The General Assembly elects the Accrediting Council, the Chairman and vice chairman of the ECTE by secret ballot, votes on the budget, hears and approves the reports of the Coordinator and the Chairman. It deliberates and makes decisions relative to the future work of the Association. It has the right to entertain motions.


The ECTE Council normally consists of nine members elected by the General Assembly which is to give due consideration to the various language areas of Europe. Three council members shall if possible, not be directly associated with the institutions involved. The General Secretary of the Association is an ex officio member of the Council. The Council decides on its by-laws according to which its business is conducted, and elections are held. The functions of the Council are:

  • to represent the ECTE
  • to appoint the General Secretary
  • to nominate accrediting commissions as needed
  • to provide advice to the General Secretary and the accrediting commissions,
  • to decide on the admission of new member institutions
  • to decide on the status of accreditation of institutions on the recommendation of the accrediting commissions
  • to plan the ECTE general assembly and elections
  • to handle the finances of the ECTE and to elect the Treasurer.
  • The Council may appoint commissions as needed.

ECTE Council Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Association are elected by the General Assembly. As Governing Board according to §26 of BGB (Civil Law) of the FRG they are the legal representatives of the Association and legally accountable for all transactions. Chairman or Vice Chairman call and preside at meetings of the Accrediting Council and the General Assembly as stipulated in the Statutes and By-Laws of the association. The Statutes are included in the end of this Appendix.

Current council members


  • Chairman: Dr Bernhard Ott (Switzerland)
  • Vice Chairman: Dr Hubert Jurgensen (Germany)
  • Treasurer: Silke Brohl (Germany)
  • Student Council member:  Mirko Fritzlar (Germany)
  • Council member: Dr Corneliu Constanineanu (Romania)
  • Council member: Rana Wazir (Lebanon)
  • Council member: Joachim Pomrehn (Germany)
  • Ex Officio council member:  Dr Marvin Oxenham (Italy)

Stakeholders on ECTE Council

The following chart summarises the stakeholders represented on the ECTE Council as of 2020.


(ECTE Council members use the Stakeholders on ECTE Council form to submit your replies).


ECTE General Secretary (GS).  
Dr Marvin Oxenham (Italy)

The General Secretary is the chief executive officer of the ECTE. He or she conducts the business of the ECTE and is accountable to the Council, is an ex officio member of the Council, co-ordinates and presides over the work of the commissions and is available to advise institutions on matters of accreditation as requested.

Quality Assurance Coordinator (QAC). Dr Hubert Jurgensen (Germany)

The Quality Assurance Coordinator oversees all accreditation activities and chairs the Accreditation Commission in the ECTE Council.

Review Coordinator (RC): Dr Graham Cheesman (Northern Ireland)

The Review Coordinator oversees all accreditation visits, coordinates the Visitation evaluation teams (VET) and overseas the production and publication of Review Reports.

Treasurer: Silke Brohl (Germany)

The Treasurer is responsible for the ECTE budget, for invoicing schools and reports to the Council and the General Assembly.

External Review Manager:  Carmen Crouse (Germany)

The External Review Manger oversees and coordinates the external review process(es) of the ECTE, including the production of ECTE self-assessment reports vis the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG).

Other staff.  Other staff can be appointed by the ECTE Council and remunerated according to need.