Formerly the EEAA

Visitation Feedback Policy

At the end of each site visit, the Review Secretary (RS) will ask the hosting institution and all members of the VET panel to fill out a Visitation Feedback form where both parties will be asked to evaluate the different aspects of the site visit. The forms will be sent back to the RS and to the ECTE office.

As part of the ECTE’s quality assurance processes the feedback data will be used in two ways.

1. Feedback to the Institution

  • Following each site visit, the RS will provide a summary of the Visitation Feedback to the VET panel, recommending good practices, highlighting areas of improvement and addressing areas of concern.
  • The Review Secretary will thank the hosting institution for the feedback by email and reassure that any issues of concern that have been raised will be brought to the ECTE Council for action and response.
  • The ECTE Council will consider all Visitation Feedback forms annually and develop in conjunction with the RS action plans for the skill development of ECTE peer experts. Specific replies will also be provided to institutions raising specific concerns.

2. Feedback to the VET panel

  • Analysis of Visitation Feedback on the expert panel after each visit and de-briefing with the Review Secretary who recommends good practice and areas of improvement.
  • Should VET panel members fail to comply with the selection criteria following their nomination, they will be initially contacted by the Review Secretary who will seek mediation and resolution.
  • Where non-compliance remains, the Review Secretary will recommend their removal from the ECTE listing of peer experts to the ECTE Council.

(approved in Guidelines for Site Visits and VETs, April, 2020 – ECTE Council)